About us

Our Management Team

The management team at Dharani is comprised of visionary entrepreneurs who have the determination and Knowledge to effectively manage operations and provide the technology guidance for client-driven business success. Some of the founder’s educational background includes Masters in Various Disciplines. We also have experience working for fortune 500 Companies on various Information Technology Projects development.

Our Mission and Charter

We are known for looping into the specific nature of the businesses of our clients. We treat every project as a fresh adventure that requires understanding the missions, charters, and goals of clients before coming up fine-tuned deliverables. In the area of IT integration, we have taken revenues and growth several brackets higher beyond the most optimistic aspirations of our clients. Our need-sensitive approach made Dharani a reliable partner, especially in the delivery of end-to-end solutions. We consistently deliver high-quality IT solutions and IT solutions to our corporate, institutional, and partners in other fields who we hold in higher esteem. Dharani professionals design, plan, and execute projects on time with efficiently disbursed budgets. Our company maintains a high standard to affect maximum return on Investment.

At Dharani, we pride ourselves with the presence a motivated community of employees as well as candidates whose professional, personal, and financial ambitions are a part of the our company’s ingredients for which we consistently open avenues. We tap into their particular backgrounds, experience, and career goals and bring them into the fold to guarantee a very supportive, smooth, and human environment. The well-trained employees of Dharani, comprised of PhD’s and MBA/MA holders, are committed, passionate, and strong-willed partners. Our hiring reflects maximum top-notch standards that we readily make available to our clients.

Dharani‘s aim is to become an entity by which the whole industry is measured. We are dedicated to tipping the balance with exceptional performance and the highest possible standards. Our success is only a natural outcome that enables us to form long-term relationships with our clients, employees. We believe the loyalty of our clients radiates from our own loyalty to them, which is why Dharani faithfully adhere to the best ethical frameworks of the industry. Our creativity and innovation practice evolve everyday that we unfailingly nurture with passion and professionalism.

Dharani maintains a touch of “old fashioned” sense of community. We look up our clients and check on them even after the completion of projects. Exceptional services and the finest delivery apart, we have and will continue to cherish a human network of clients, candidates, and friends. We inhabit a landscape of wonderful experience everyone wants to remember. We share and support not only in times of good harvest but also, God forbid, the many difficult circumstances of life. Yeah, we like it like that.

Join our Team

You are at home with us because you are committed, ambitious, enterprising, and creative. Your innovative skills and passion for the amazing possibilities that IT has opened up are the core assets of Dharani. You will commune and team up with like-minded, dedicated professionals who understand what makes you tick. You will collaborate with fascinating individuals. You colleagues are all about producing the most efficient IT solutions and warm relationships with clients who, in turn, will spread those values to larger sections of society to make life easier for everyone. Talk about your dreams when you spent sleepless nights thinking about what you can contribute to IT technology!